The statuses of the research topics in the laboratories of CNBE are reported after each seminar talk.

Date & Day Name of Lab. Title Reporter
2021/3/8 Mon. Ando Lab. Cerebral blood flow and its regulation during exercise Shigehiko OGOH
2021/2/24 Wed. Koike Lab. The mechanisms of hearing from a perspective of biological evolution Tatsuhiko HARADA
2021/1/19 Tue. Jiang Lab. Bio-applications of microrobotics Tatsuo ARAI
2020/12/18 Fri. Nakamura Lab. Spatiotemporal Photoactivation of input pathway in circadian rhythms using Light-Gated Glutamate Receptor Rika NUMANO
2020/11/30 Mon. Togo Lab. Toward a powered wheelchair that transcends barriers -Lessons learned through Cybathlon- Genya ISHIGAMI
2020/1/28 Tue. Miyawaki Lab. Ultra-fast acquisition of ultra-high field MRI signals: go and study abroad! Shunji SATO
2020/1/10 Fri. Tanaka Lab. Spiking neural networks as a paradigm of artificial intelligence Vasileios Tserolas
2019/12/5 Thu. Sun Lab. Random body movement cancellation for non-contact vital sign measurement by Doppler radar Tomoya MATSUSHIMA
Tanaka Lab. Mathematical model of stimulus-dependent synchronization between visual cortical neurons Ryo KANOMATA
2019/11/29 Fri. Kashimori Lab. Neural mechanisms for the maintenance and manipulation of temporal information in working memory Hikaru TOKUHARA
Yokoi Lab. Development of small and high traction drive mechanism for wire driven robotic hand Yoshinobu OBATA
2019/10/18 Fri. Koizumi Lab. A research on bed type ultrasound diagnostic and therapeutic robot Kento KOBAYASHI
Maki Lab. Evaluation of luminescence properties of N atom-introduced Coelenterazine analogues Shota TAMAKI
2019/7/9 Tue. Shouno Lab. Fast Bayesian Restoration of Poisson Corrupted Images with INLA Takahiro KAWASHIMA
Koike Lab. Development of plant protection and production technologies using substrate vibration Kengo SHIBATA
2019/6/14 Fri. Matsuda Lab. Generation of optogenetical technique controlling the function of Golgi Apparatus Tsubasa ASAKURA
Nakamura Lab. The analysis of AMP kinase using immunostaining procedure in mouse SCN Kenji ISHIDA
2019/5/31 Fri. Yamazaki Lab. Research on the influence of spatial shape of neurons on network dynamics Taira KOBAYASHI
Sato Lab. Experimental and computational study of visual perception for moving objects Yuki NARITA
2019/4/22 Mon. Okada Lab. An evaluation of long distance runners by using standard motion method – Examination of the relationship between running motion and performance – Katsuyuki IKEYAMA
Sun Lab. Non-contact respiratory function monitoring by using ToF camera Hirokazu SAKAMOTO
2019/3/8 Fri. Masamoto Lab. Capillary dilation and constriction during brain activation in the somatosensory cortex of awake mouse Hiroki SUZUKI
Kashimori Lab. A neural mechanism of gustatory working memory in orbitofrontal cortex Layla Chadaporn ANTAKET
2019/2/22 Fri. Jiang Lab. Motor-point-tracking functional electrical stimulation on biceps brachii Kento ICHIKAWA
Koizumi Lab. Extraction method of hepatic hemangioma in liver using deep learning Kenta KUSAHARA
2019/1/25 Fri. Koike Lab. Development of measurement system for ossicular mobility Ryo EBINE
Shono Lab. PET Image Reconstruction by use of Dictionary Learning Naohiro OKUMURA
2018/12/20 Thu. Kano Lab. Sex differences in eccentric contraction-induced force deficit: involvement of estrogen Daiki WATANABE
Matsuda Lab. Developmet of the optogenetic technique to control LTP Ichigo SAGA
2018/11/1 Thu. Maki Lab. Development of silver bullet for acute T lymphoblastic leukemia Yoshifumi HACHIRO
Yamazaki Lab. Simulation of muscle synergy-based bipedal locomotion Daisuke ICHIMURA
2018/10/19 Fri. Yamada Lab. Aspiration risk detection using near-infrared light Takahiro SUZUKI (Koike Lab.)
Matsuda Lab. MMP-9 activity is required for the NMDA induced endocytosis of AMPA receptor Shinnosuke KOHARA
2018/8/23 Thu. Togo Lab. Relational representation of mulch-channel surface electrical stimulation and induced physical activity Misato KASUYA
Okada Lab. Three-dimensional motion analysis of lower limbs in instep kick of soccer Yoshinori TSUBOI
2018/7/12 Thu. Nakamura Lab. Phase regulation of mouse circadian clock by odor stimulation Shinnosuke SATO
2018/6/22 Fri. Sato Lab. Visual property of optical flow processing during ego-motion Yuki NARITA
Yokoi Lab. Practical use of individual adaptive myoelectric prosthetic hands and efforts to register parts of prosthesis and orthosis by Ministry of Health Yuta MURAI
2018/5/18 Fri. Niwa Lab. Luminescence chemistry: bioluminescence and soft crystal systems Chihiro MATSUHASHI (Hirano Lab)
Tanaka Lab. Synchronization of neuronal action potential reproduced by a nonlinear dynamic model Ryo KANOMATA
2018/4/27 Fri. Sun Lab. Contactless measurement of multiple vital signs using CCD camera and thermography for infection screening Toshiaki NEGISHI
Kashimori Lab. A mechanism of top-down influence on V1 responses caused by reinforcement learning for adaptive behavior Ryo TANI
2018/3/19 Mon. Jiang Lab. Development of a robot arm using coupled tendon-driven joint modules Wenyang LI
2018/3/2 Fri. Koizumi Lab. Investigation of novel tumor tracking method for improving tracking accuracy in ultrasound guide RFA therapy support system Tsubasa IMAIZUMI
Maki Lab. Evaluation of bioluminescence involving firefly luciferin and mammalian enzymes Ryohei SAITO
2018/1/19 Fri. Shono Lab. Study of Super resolution for Micro CT image Miku MASHIMO
Shono Lab. An feature analysis of CNN using SVCCA Toya TERAMOTO
Kano Lab. Elucidation of pH homeostasis in skeletal muscle cells using in vivo bioimaging Yoshinori TANAKA
2017/12/15 Fri. Yamazaki Lab. Implementation of synaptic plasticity for online learning on the cat-scale artificial cerebellum Wataru FURUSHO
Miyawaki Lab. Study of tactile information representation in the human cerebral cortex Shota ETO
2017/11/28 Tue. Matsuda Lab. Biochemical analysis for the interaction between TARP and SNX17 Hiroki YAMAZAKI
2017/10/25 Wed. Okada Lab. The development of gait motion biofeedback system by using inertial sensor Tomohiro NISHIMURA
Masamoto Lab. Three-dimensional imaging and quantification of neurovascular coupling in the mouse cerebral cortex Hiroshi TAKEDA
2017/8/4 Fri. Tanaka Lab. A mathematical model of tripartite synapses Masaki HAYASHI
Yokoi Lab. A shoulder disarticulation prosthesis controlled by surface electromyography Susumu KIMIZUKA
2017/7/20 Thu. Jan Lab. Interfacing prosthetic hands and amputees Yinlai JIANG
Yamada Lab. Effect of head structures and skin blood volumes on the optical mapping images Yukio YAMADA
2017/6/13 Tue. Miyawaki Lab. Analysis of gaze sequence dependence on object categories during natural scene observation Kazuaki AKAMATSU
Maki Lab. Development and aplication of NIR firefly bioluminescent substrates Masahiro KIYAMA
2017/6/9 Fri. Masamoto Lab. Neural modulation induced by local increase in cerebral blood flow using optogenetics Nao HATAKEYAMA
Kano Lab. Effect of aging and exercise training on coronary arterial endothelial function Kazuki HOTTA
2017/5/23 Tue. Koike Lab. Analysis of the mechanism of dysfunction of the inner ear by using cochlear finite-element model Sinyoung LEE
 Koike Lab. Development of measurement method for aspiration test Takahiro SUZUKI
 Koike Lab. Development of implantable bone conduction hearing aid Yohei WAGAI