Japan has rapidly become a “super-aged society” and has a problem of how to maintain social vitality. To enable people to maintain happiness and vitality of mind and body, medical developments alone may not be sufficient. Thus, it is necessary to establish a comprehensive support system for medical welfare, taking into account the knowledge of science and technology in the fields of brain science, information engineering, robotics, and ergonomics.

In UEC, researchers are actively conducting investigations in various fields of science and technology including biology, organic chemistry, neuroscience, informatics, computer science, telecommunication, robotics, mechatronics, ergonomics, optics, material sciences, and social engineering. In particular, many of these researchers tend to contribute vigorously to research on basic and applied brain signal processing. One of the missions of UEC is to establish a system in which experts from various research fields closely collaborate to meet practical needs in health and welfare. This is the very reason why UEC established CNBE.